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Channel Marketing Manager Job 2021

The channel marketing manager will be responsible for the creation and execution of marketing strategies that directly influence and drive customer acquisition, revenue, and customer retention. The channel marketing manager will be responsible for all aspects of channel marketing including, planning, executing, monitoring and reporting on channel marketing activities. The candidate must possess strong managerial and business-oriented skills along with a passion for the telecommunication industry. General Manager Job 2021 The general manager will be responsible for building, growing and managing a mobile operator’s operations. The general manager will be the conduit between the business, staff and customers, ensuring smooth management of the business.

channel sales manager roles and responsibilities

One of the most important jobs in any organization is managing your sales team. Your sales team can be comprised of individuals who sell directly to customers, to one or a group of other sales representatives, or they can be supported by outside sales teams. These outside sales teams can be comprised of employees within your company or they can be recruited and led by your sales representatives. A sales manager does a lot of work in terms of strategy and has a great deal of authority when it comes to hiring, firing, monitoring, rewarding, and keeping tabs on the behavior of sales representatives and teams.

channel manager job salary

This is one of the higher-paying job openings, with the average salary for the position around $58,000. The role also requires many skills including leadership, collaboration and a sense of integrity. Senior marketing manager job salary Senior marketing managers work with executives, management and other senior team members to drive strategies, direction and decisions that allow the company to meet its goal. This job offers a unique combination of strategic thinking and creative problem solving. vp of product management job salary The vp of product management has a huge influence on the outcome of every product and accounts for 25% of sales revenue. However, these managers do not have direct responsibility over the sales.


With a huge percentage of the workforce choosing to work remotely and an increasing number of the leaders transitioning from being a manager into a business owner, there's a huge market for managers who want to take their skills to a new level. Whether you're a new leader looking for a career switch, an experienced business owner, or a business owner looking for a career expert, you can make a lot of money with some straightforward job titles and some skill sets.

  • Develop new Channel partners for Hydromet across India
  • Target 100% coverage for participation in all projects through system integrators
  • Develop stronger relationships with existing partners to ensure they adapt more of our products


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