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Rules for commenting and moderating on

The site provides post-moderation of discussions, which can be carried out by an editorial moderator;

The editorial board of is not responsible for the personal opinion expressed by the users of the Network on the site

Below is a list of rules, violation of which may result in concealment of a comment or a ban.

Comments prohibited for posting on

1. violating the law, containing threats and insults, discrediting other persons, violating the rights of citizens to private life or public order, which are obscene;

2.containing calls for inciting religious, racial or ethnic hatred, containing attempts to incite hostility or calls for violence, as well as calls for the overthrow of the existing system, terrorism (including hacker attacks), extremism;

3. containing advertising information, spam;

4. containing the propaganda of drug addiction or smoking;

5. threats of physical violence, murder, violence;

6.containing a transition to personalities, insults to officials and public persons (including the deceased), rude expressions, insults and belittling of other commenting participants, their relatives or friends;

7. insulting journalists and other experts of, bloggers of, moderators or administration of the site;

8. containing personal data that violate the privacy of correspondence and communications;

9. containing obscene expressions (including changed spelling of the mat or foreign obscene vocabulary);

10. representing a flood (duplicate comments), flame (meaningless comments), off-top (comments that are not related to the topic of the material);

11. not written in Russian;

12. written in capital letters by more than 50%.

The editors reserve the right to hide comments at their sole discretion.

Comments that violate the rules of conduct on are deleted without warning.

The administration can close the material for commenting at its own discretion or decision of the author.

The editors consider it correct to emphasize that the issues of moderation and ban are not discussed with users.

All materials, copyrighted by, can be reproduced in any media, on Internet servers or on any other media without significant restrictions on the volume and time of publication. This permission applies equally to newspapers, magazines, radio stations, TV channels, websites and Internet pages. The only condition for reprinting and retransmission is the mention of the source directly in the text of the reprinted message, a link to the original source and an indication of the author, if any and indicated in the reproduced text. No prior consent from the publishers or authors of the news portal is required for reprinting, except in the specified cases.

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